Water Supply

The well water used by homes in Spring Ranch is granted to us by Water Court Decree.

The well water used by homes in Spring Ranch is granted to us by Water Court Decree. Each homeowner has a well permit issued to them for this usage. The Spring Ranch property owners association is tasked with the management of records and compliance with the decrees terms through our relationship with the State Engineer’s office.

Well water must not be used for landscape, trees, inside water features, swimming pools or hot tubs. If water is being used for these purposes, owners must demonstrate that water is being hauled to a cistern and connected to an irrigation/disbursement system. This may be accomplished by proving receipts for water purchase and receiving an ACC review of the cistern’s placement on the property.

Spring Ranch Property Owners Association Covenants - Article 4, B, 32, page 11. Well water …shall be restricted for household use only. Yard irrigation and all water uses other than domestic single family in-house use are prohibited.

District Court Water Division Number 1 Case No. W-8324-76

July 19, 1977

Decree 5. Page 18. The State Engineer, in the discharge of his responsibilities with respect to the processing of application for permits to construct and utilize wells for the provision of a water supply for the Cold Springs Ranch sub-division, all for domestic, in-house use only.

Decree 6, Page 18. All subsequent purchasers in the Cold Springs Ranch development …shall be bound by the terms of the decree in this matter…covenants shall allow the use of water solely for domestic, in-house purposes, in single-family dwellings only.

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